Surf Inspired, Artist-Designed

We are on a mission to help you live your passions and support creative women in and out of the water.

We live and breathe surfing and artist expression. From those just starting out to the more established, we work with and promote unique, passionate female artists from around the world. Each artist we work with is paid and supported through our network. Your purchase supports these artists while guaranteeing you are getting a high quality, limited edition item to wear, hang on your wall, or stick on your car. 


Her Waves Wave dancer surf art
Her Waves Wave Dancer created by Madeline O'Donoghue

Disrupt The Status Quo 

We want to take how females are represented in surf culture and turn it on its head. Adventure, femininity, rebellion, hope, and love - this is what we're made of.

Forget the butt shots and stereotypes that plague the world of women's board sports. It is time for us to narrate the story. We will design what we wear, shape the boards we ride and be behind the lens to showcase all of our shapes, styles, and colors.

Her Waves Surfer Danielle Black

Her Waves Team Rider and Artist Danielle Black

Surf x Skate x Create

Her Waves is a platform for artists, surfers and creatives to come together to design what we wear, support each other and show the world who we really are. We support artists, photographers, surfers and skaters with our collaborations, interviews and partnerships. Interested in collaborating? Learn more here

Her Waves Artist Lydia Manter

Be Sustainable and Accountable 

We are conscious of our impact on the environment, and our mission includes making sustainability front and center in the surf/skate apparel industry.

90% of our items are made in California, and we only use WRAP certified/Fair Trade manufacturing. All our printing is done with water-based ink by a local print shop here in San Diego.

Most of our apparel is made with 100% organic cotton or 100% cotton.

We use Ecoenclose & Better Packaging for all our shipping materials, which are 100% biodegradable or recyclable. 

Jen going left in El Salvador

Founder of Her Waves, Jennipher riding a secret left in El Salvador. Learn more about her here