Her Waves Surf Sessions - Oceanside Harbor April 2019

 oceanside her waves surf session

It's springtime here in San Diego which means south swell is coming to town. One of our favorite places to surf when a south swell shows up is Oceanside Harbor. See pictures of our take over of the south side of the South Jetty.

(All photos by Ashleigh of San Diego Surf Photos who stood there for 3 hours to capture all the fun, thanks Ashleigh!)


Deana her waves surfing oceanside harbor

Deana surfing drop oceanside her waves

Deana noseride oceanside her waves

Deana hand up surfing oceanside her waves

deana surfing right her waves oceanside

 her waves oceanside surfing

(Deanna's boyfriend Zach)


danielle surfing her waves session

danielle surfing oceanside her waves


Jennipher surfing bottom turn oceanside her waves

jennipher surfing spray oceanside her waves

Lady Ripper

girl surfing oceanside her waves


girl barrel oceanside her waves

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