Going In-Depth with Photographer Briana Diamond

So, tell us a little about yourself:

Growing up in Southern California, I began surfing at the age of seven and exploring photography for the first time by always having a camera in my hand and capturing as many memorable moments as possible. At the age of eight, I found her career path; as I recall: I remember the day, when I was eight years old, I was at the grocery with my mom and saw my first Surfer magazine. I couldn’t believe that my love and passion for surfing and photography could be mixed into one career! I was blown away and I immediately started taking photos from the beach of surfers, especially embracing the female surfing world in an artistic way.

At Brooks Institute, I finally zeroed in on my major artistic focus. I studied underwater photography with top nature photographer, Ralph Clevenger, and discovered my true calling. We learned all about photographing and even editing images underwater. I was in heaven .. This is where I belong, in the water. At age 27, I have worked with companies such as, O'neill, Rusty, Lost, Rtic Outdoors, The Inertia, LinkedIn, Rolling Stone Magazine, and many more!

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What inspires the photographs you take?

There is a lot of ugly/negativity in the world. Hence, the thought that I can help influence people to appreciate and be with nature is very gratifying and that is what I feel is my purpose in the world with my nature photography. Being a photographer for 20 + years, I have grown into setting my work aside from others by having a style. I like to create certain points of view that not many see with their naked eye. For example, underwater photographing, capturing bugs eye point of views and nightscape photography. Not too many folks can see the milky way or the ocean, so I like to bring them back to their “happy” place.

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What is the biggest challenge you face as a photographer/entrepreneur?

It has not always been a smooth ride, I struggled in high school because I knew my real passion was photography, and to be quite honest, nothing else really interested me. The principal of my school said to me, “I would never make it into a four year college. Boy, was she wrong! I instead used her comment to fuel my fire instead of getting disillusioned.

After graduating high school, I applied to Brooks Institute of Photography and Film and was immediately accepted. It was there that I received a degree in Visual Journalism and the true beginning of my photography career.

There have been many barriers to a female in the surf industry, and females are not necessarily accepted into the impact zone on a big wave day. Not many people take me seriously until they see my shots. Even to this day, I see guys doing a double take seeing a female photographer in the water with them. I am out to prove to the world that I could surf and become a nature photographer, and I am determined to blaze the trail for other females as well.

Her Waves her stories interview surf photographer

What have you learned that you would love to share with others starting out with photography?

Prove people wrong, prove that you can do it!  You are here to create to inspire others. 

Also, Us artists can't beat each other up nor be so judgemental.  We all have a different eye as photographers and should uplift each other and not tear each other down. 

Her Waves her stories interview surf photographer

How long have you been surfing and what does surfing mean to you?

I have been surfing and photographing for twenty years. Surfing is such a relaxing time for me to unwind and have a good time. Back in the day ( man, I sound so old) LOL I would be very competitive in the water especially being the only girl surfing that day but over the years, I have learned to just let all those bad vibes go. Surfing has become a gift that keeps on giving.. 

Her Waves her stories interview surf photographer

What’s your favorite funny or inspirational quote?

Don't EVER let Dream Stoppers get in your way to making your dreams come true. - DiamondPhotography

“When you have a creative flow, trust and go with it.” -DiamondPhotography

Her Waves her stories interview surf photographer

Website: Brianadiamond.com

Instagram @brianadiamondphotography

I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

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