11 Hacks for Chasing Surf in Costa Rica

 Hacks brought to you by: Sunny D

Surfing Dominical

1. Dominical is a beach break that works best on a mid to high tide! The beautiful Baru River flows directly into the ocean near this break. 

Grab a beer at Fuego Brewery

2. If you're in Dominical, make time to stop at Fuego Brewery for delicious craft beer and food. You won't be disappointed!  

Deana surfing Matapalo

3.  Speak like the locals — “Acachete” means “The most stoked you've ever been!” 

A Goofy Footers Dream Wave-  Pavones

4. Pavones is a goofy-footers dream! Glassy, waist-high left peelers. It sure was a bumpy road to get there and I would only recommend an SUV with high clearance and four wheel drive. There are not many paved roads in Costa Rica. The four hour ride, rattling around in the back seat with four boards and camping gear was, nonetheless, worth it. 

5. There really isn't anything better than camping right in front of the wave your going to surf, just make sure to treat it with respect. Always pick up any trash you see, put out your fire out at night, and don't leave food out.


Osa Vida Hostel

6. “Osa Vida Hostel” is a short walk from a surf break called Matapalo! About $40 per night. If you're looking to get off the grid, this is your spot -- no wifi, no screens on the windows, no refrigerator, and barely any electricity. Bring your own mosquito net and lots of natural bug spray!

Pan Dulce View from Lapa Rios

7. Pan Dulce was a super long right point break that had so much potential! The best view of Pan Dulce can be seen from Lapa Rios, a high end, beautiful resort just up the road that charges a whopping 950$ a night. It’s a good place to get a 10$ cocktail and enjoy the view.   

 8. “Cool Vibes Hostel" was a nice and inexpensive place to stay in Dominical with A/C and a small pool. 


9. The public transportation is pretty easily navigated. The bus from Dominical to San Jose is a few bucks, and you can Uber to the airport. Ubers and Taxis are pretty easy in the city and a lot of people speak english and are willing to help you.

Matapalo, Costa Rica

10. U.S. dollars are pretty much accepted anywhere just make sure to know the exchange rate so you can be sure to get the correct change. 

11. Don’t forget to always bring your reusable cup and utensils to help keep single use plastic to a minimum!

I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

Meg Jacovino