Meet nomadic Artist Samira Dappen

Samira’s art journey

Hi, my name is Samira, and I live a very nomadic life. For the past 7 years, I have been traveling and living close to the oceans and mountains all over the world. I love to spend my time in nature, mostly surfing, skating, or snowboarding. In my downtime, I love to create art that is inspired by these passions and my travels.   

I’ve always loved drawing and being creative from a young age, but my passion for art really started to awaken on a solo trip through India. My journal was filled more and more with little illustrations rather than with text, as it seemed easier for me to capture my journey with drawings over words. Since then, I’ve been drawing almost every day and started to share some of my Illustrations on Social Media. Some friends encouraged me to open a shop and sell my illustrations online, and now I sell them all over the world.

Finding Inspiration

I’m mainly inspired by surfing, skating, snowboarding, and my time spent in nature. Also, traveling and exploring different cultures influence my work a lot. For example, my recent illustrations are inspired by my last road trip from Baja to Oaxaca, Mexico, and the colors of the desert. I just fell in love with Mexico and can’t wait to go back. 

Getting Creative

I used to draw with a pen on paper and then scan those drawings into photoshop so I could color them there. Now I use a graphic tablet to draw my illustrations directly on photoshop. It was a process to learn this new tool, but in the end, it’s a lot easier to carry around while I travel. Even now, though, it always starts with some scribbles in my sketchbook. 

Artistic Flow

I usually get myself a hot cup of spicy chocolate chai tea, put on some good music, and roam around my sketchbooks and pictures until it sparks an idea.

An Evolution of Style

In the beginning, I used to draw only in black and white. I was pretty much afraid of colors. But, after a while, I slowly started to add more and more colors into my illustrations, and now it is hard for me to think of not using any of them. Colors, for me, just add so much more possibilities and personality into a piece, and it can really change the mood. It’s fun to experiment with colors, but I still enjoy a minimal color palette. Also, I still like to draw something just in black and white once in a while. 

Big wins and successes so far

I’m just beyond stoked that I get orders from all over the world. From Mexico to Hawaii, from Norway to New Zealand. I even once had an order from Israel. It’s every time an incredible feeling and fills my heart with joy when someone likes my art so much they want to hang it in their home. 

Goals for the year ahead

I just would love to create more art and explore more of this beautiful planet. One day I would love to design a surfboard, snowboard, and skateboard. To paint a mural somewhere would also be one of my dreams. 

Support my artistic journey

You can find my art, and the link to my shop, on Instagram (@samiradappenart). The best way to support me would be, of course, to purchase from my online shop. Regardless, if you like my art, just following, liking, and sharing my illustrations with others would mean the world to me. 

Instagram: @samiradappenart  


Quickfire questions:

- Guilty pleasure? Neck massages! If I had the money, I would get one every day! 

- Hidden Talent? Playing Ukulele and Dancing

- Favorite sport? Surfing the oceans, mountains, and streets

- Song or artist you’re listening to on repeat? Babe Rainbow, Dope Lemon, Allah-Las, Mystic Braves, The Murlocs, Lime Cordiale, and many more… I would die without music!

- Quote to live by: The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take


I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

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