Introducing Artist Rosalie Lemire

Hey Rosalie, we LOVE your artwork. Tell us a little bit about yourself….

Hello!! You can call me Rosi. I am a 24 (although I like to think that I am stuck forever at 21) years old French Canadian from Montreal and have just completed my graphic design studies.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to draw and was practically born with a pencil in my hand. It may sound cheezy, but my Grandfather shared and passed on this passion to me when I was very small. He would be so happy and proud to see that I have followed my dreams and now make this passion my profession.

So yeah, I'm a pretty normal girl - my plants and my dog ​​are my best friends; I like to cook and eat anything that starts with "pasta" and ends with "desserts" (of course). Besides drawing, I love traveling and photography. I've had the chance to go on several backpacking trips to Asia. My most recent trip was to India last winter, a totally memorable time that, unfortunately, I couldn't complete (because you know *covid happens*). But hey, I always like to see the positive in every situation. With that in mind, the coolest thing about it is that I will have to go back again to finish it one day! 

(On a more serious note, my thoughts are with all those who are going through challenging times right now. We are all in this together and hope all of this will pass and better days are ahead.)

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

My inspiration literally comes from everything surrounding me, the simple and little things from my everyday life. I'm having so much fun creating from puns and making playful images, which sometimes carry a deeper meaning, but always leave room for the viewer's interpretation. 

My travels are a great source of inspiration. I love to create poetic images, revolving and mixing subjects close to my heart - such as self-acceptance, feminism, sexuality, diversity, social & environmental issues. I draw a lot of butt naked people too, clothes are so mainstream anyway.

I aspire to project a healthy image of the relationship that we have with our bodies. To accept ourselves as we are and embrace our differences. I hope that one day we'll be able to overcome the taboos and standards that society imposes on us, and we will learn to love ourselves as we really are.

What's your favorite artistic medium?? 

I've been working with digital illustration more often lately, but what makes me happiest is working with traditional mediums. I looove getting my hands dirty with oil paint, acrylic, pastel. Still, I must say that I have a crush on watercolors, even if I do not fully master it 100% (I'm such a rookie). To be honest, it's a bit of a love-hate relationship, but I love working with it. It's both poetic and therapeutic to mix colors with water and never quite know what will happen on paper. I love the uncertainty, the surprises, the unexpected that it brings. You never really know how your drawing will come out, and it's pure magic.

Do you surf? 

I have always been fascinated by the ocean, the waves, the sea, and the surf. This way of communicating, of dancing with water ... it's totally mesmerizing! 

I would love to say that I am as good at Surfing as I am at drawing. Unfortunately, my skills in this area are relatively nonexistent. That being said, I really enjoy exploring this theme through my designs. For me, Surfing has a very special and poetic evocation that brings me back and reminds me of my travels. But don't worry, I intend to develop my surf skills soon thanks to you!

Do you have tips for artists just getting started? 

As I'm a beginner myself in the industry, I don't really feel in my place to give advice to anyone, haha! ​​But I think what stands out the most for me is that you really have to stay self-confident, never underestimate yourself or compare yourself to anyone but you. Also, never stop creating: create a little every day and be patient and gentle with yourself.  

Above all, remember to have fun, keep the creative flame alive, and don't be scared to step out of your comfort zone. It is often at these times that the coolest and most incredible opportunities appear!

Quickfire questions:

(Oh! oh! So not good at this hihi)

Hidden Talent?

I'm really good at singing and dancing. Still, if you asked my family, they'd say it's a really, really, really well *hidden* talent… whoopsie.

Guilty Pleasure?

Eating chocolate and popcorn, half-naked with a glass of rosé, watching Bob Ross paint and for a (very) brief moment. Entering a world where everything is fine, nothing is wrong, where mistakes turn into birds.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Favorite Band/Album or Song?

It varies a lot over time and depending on my mood, but I would say right now it's Marvin Gaye vibe every day all the way!

What is one thing on your bucket list?

It may sound cliché, but I would really love to travel the world and explore ALL countries… 

For now, I'll just sit on my couch and watch the discovery channel.

Describe yourself in three words

Cute but psycho :-)

And last but not least, I feel so happy and blessed to collaborate with Her Waves. Your company is so inspiring with great values that uplift and truly respect us, artists, and gives us a fantastic platform to share our work. 

Thank you, you are the best. I really hope you will enjoy entering my creative world as much as I enjoy creating it!

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