6 Tips for Cold-Water Surfing

Her Waves Rita Goldfarb surf photo
Winter's coming (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, like us!), but we're not letting the cold water temps keep us away from the surf! Check out these 6 tips by North coast surfer, Jen Yih, to having fun surf sessions throughout the colder months. 
  1. Get a good wetsuit! I surf an Imperial Motion 5’4’3 all summer long up in the Northwest with booties. In the winter, typically a thicker 5’4 with a hood and booties. I only wear gloves on super cold days. It’s essential to stay warm, if your leash snaps or something happens you want to be warm enough that your swim in won’t give you hypothermia. 
  2. Have proper wax. It’s not the tropics! So use cold water wax. 
  3. Don’t think about it, it’s not THAT cold.
  4. Don’t complain about it to a cold water local. 
  5. Expect a few ice cream headaches.
  6. Expect gorgeous views and scenery like nowhere you’ve been!

Her Waves Jen Yih cold water surf tips

Photography by: Rita Goldfarb
Surfing: Jen Yih
Tips by: Jen Yih
Her Waves Jen Yih surf tips

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