Meet Artist Lydia Manter from Hawaii

We have worked with Lydia for a couple of years now and she has created several incredible designs for Her Waves and sells her popular surf stickers in our market place. Learn more about her and her creations with an updated interview with her:

So, tell us a little about yourself and your creations:

My name is Lydia Manter, and I was born and raised on the coast of Maine. I started surfing in Maine during the summer after I graduated high school and instantly was enamored with it. Surfing has shaped my life since. I moved to Maui, Hawaii at 18, not knowing a soul at the time, and have lived here for the past six years. I always was creating art as a kid, but that sort of took a back burner through my teen years. Art didn’t circle back into my life until I was 21 when I started painting surfboards for friends. It was a snowball effect from there and I went from painting surfboards, to surf fins, to creating art on paper, canvas, and digital media.  

Her Waves interview surf artist Lydia Manter

What inspires the art that you create?

My art is hugely inspired by all things ocean and surfing related. I remember before I started surfing, coming up with something to create was sometimes difficult, and now that I have the passions that I do, it comes much more organically.  Living in Hawaii gives me so much inspiration for my art, I am extremely lucky to live where I feel so inspired. There are so many talented creative individuals in my community as well, so I am constantly inspired and pushed by those around me.

Her Waves interview Lydia Manter surf artist

What is your favorite part of the process when creating something?

My favorite process of creating art is the moment I get a new idea and I just have to get it down on paper. Sometimes it might come off as obsessive, I suppose, but it’s exciting and fulfilling to put what comes up in my mind into something tangible.

Lydia Manter girl heart surf art her waves

What is the biggest challenge you face as an artist and entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far as an artist and entrepreneur is trying to remain very present with a “one step at a time” mentality. Sometimes I get stuck on the big picture and it can be exciting to dream up all the ideas and things I want to do within my career, but it can also very overwhelming and it can take me away from what I’m doing now. The other big challenge has been being your own boss means it’s all on you, so that has it’s set of challenges in of itself. I’ve spent a ton of time doing research and teaching myself things that I never went to school for, which has been rewarding, but difficult at times.

Lydia Manter herwaves single fin art

What is your life ambition?

My life’s ambition… hah, sometimes I feel like I’m all over the map. But I think if I get to the root of it I mostly just want to live my life by the ocean and make my living being an artist and however that may evolve. Travel and family life has always been very important to me as well. I suppose my ambitions are a bit rudimentary, but I think simplicity is crucial to a full and happy life for myself.

Lydia Manter desert horns surf art her waves

How long have you been surfing and where is your favorite wave to surf?

I’ve been surfing for about 7 years now, my favorite wave that I’ve surfed was probably Lake Peak in Sumbawa a few years ago. I had a few amazing sessions there.

Lydia Manter surf photo her waves

New questions about Lydia added 3/34/2020

What has it been like working with Her Waves? What are your thoughts on the brand?

I have had the most amazing working relationship with Her Waves. They are one of the most unique surf related brands I know. It’s not often you come across a surf inspired brand that is not trying to sell an image of what a fantasy surf lifestyle looks like. To me, Her Waves is extremely real and genuine. It's about the love of cool art and designs and the love of surfing. They’re supporting small artists and supporting women in and out of the lineup and I just think they’re simply the best!!

Her Waves rolling single surf art

Do you have a favorite piece you have created, what's the story behind it?

My favorite piece I’ve created is an illustration of a girl riding a tiger with a surfboard under her arm. To me, it represents being strong and confident and being in your own power. 

Her Waves interview surf artist Lydia Manter

Any advice to other artists/creatives out there?

If I had any advice for my fellow creatives it is this: Don’t second guess yourself. I spent a lot of years thinking I wasn’t good enough to call myself an artist/creative, but I’ve learned you just have to own it. Even if you feel like you’re faking it at first, just own it. I think if you’re passionate and called to do something creative, just be confident in what that is and in your style. I think it makes creating all the more fun and enjoyable.

Longboard or shortboard? 

Tough Question! I don’t think I could choose one over the other in general, but the board I choose is always dependent on the conditions and the break. When the swell is on the bigger and more powerful side, l always prefer my shortboard. When it’s slow or mellow I love longboarding. I think in the end longboarding is a bit more my style, but I’ll have a blast on any board! I’m usually just happy to be in the water.

Her Waves interview surf artist Lydia Manter

Dawn patrol or sunset surf?

Lately, I prefer being in the water on the early side, however if I can beat the crowd with a midday session when the wind is up and the crowd has thinned, that’s my favorite time to surf.

Current obsession?

House plants! 

Guilty pleasure?

The Great British Baking Show. I’m not much of a baker, but I find it to be strangely soothing haha.

Favorite band/musician? 

Shakey Graves is one of my favorite musicians. I make a lot of art with his music in the background. 

Her Waves interview Lydia Manter


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I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

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