East Coast to West Coast with Team USA Surf Athlete, Liv Stone

We're humbled to connect with female surfers around the world and hear how surfing has impacted their lives. Recently, we connected with Liv Stone, a surf athlete for USA Adaptive Surf Team, and were inspired by her story. Originally from Manheim, Pennsylvania, Liv moved to Carlsbad, CA in April 2019 to pursue her passion for surfing. Only recently introduced to the sport two years ago, Liv is already competing in local and WSL competitions.  

"I surf simply because I love surfing. The feeling that I have when I catch a wave and ride it is a feeling like no other. I have a burning passion for being out in the water on my board."

Liv experienced surfing for the first time only two years ago when she was introduced to the sport by Bethany Hamilton at the Beautifully Flawed retreat in Del Mar, CA. 

"I immediately fell in love with the sport as well as the gorgeous state."

 Shortly after the retreat, Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) invited Liv to fly out to San Diego, CA to surf with Rob Machado in the Bro-Am and take her surfing to the next level. 

 "Of course I said yes! After that incredible experience of really being exposed to the sport, I knew that surfing was my passion." 

Liv's passion for surfing shines every time she paddles out for a wave. It wasn't long before the USA Adaptive Surf Team invited Liv to join the team. 

 "It has been an amazing journey and I am so blessed to be a part of an awesome team. To be able to represent my home country and honor our nation is incredible." 

Despite surfing in numerous competitions and events, including placing 1st at Supergirl Pro and surfing with the pros in Huntington's WSL Rising Tides, Liv's first competition, the World Championships of Adaptive Surfing, still remains her favorite. 

"I was able to experience a bunch of different cultures because there were several different countries that competed. Team USA took home gold!" 

When it comes to boards, Liv doesn't pick favorites. For Liv, her board choice is dependent on the surf conditions. 

 "I have a 9’0 epoxy longboard and a 6’4 epoxy shortboard. I love longboarding and shortboarding."

Liv's surfing journey has only just begun, and Her Waves is excited to continue to share her achievements, passion, and inspiration for the sport.  

 "My mom inspires me the most. She has done so much for me and for her to be able to up-root her life for me and move to California is amazing. I will forever look up to her and she will always be my hero." 

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