How to Plan An Epic Surf Trip for 2020

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2020 is here and what's better than a surf trip to start the year off the right foot? Throw your board in the trunk, or check it for the plane ride - no matter how far you travel to catch waves, here's what you need to know to make sure your surf trip is one you'll never want to forget!


Tips and Surfing by: Jen Yih @jenniferyih

Planning a surf trip.. Where to begin?

Planning a surf trip depends on a lot! It’s tricky sometimes because you can’t control the ocean. Certain places during times of year have consistent swell, so always check what typically happens in that region during the time of year you’re thinking. If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, going to somewhere like Nicaragua during its high season might be a bad idea. The surf might be too big and the pros will be dropping in on you. You might want to consider a shoulder season. 

Places to consider for Spring 2020:
1. Nicaragua: Malibu Popoyo
2. Costa Rica: Surf With Amigas
Places to consider for Summer 2020
1. Sayulita, Mexico: Petit Hotel Hafa
2.  Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Places to consider for Fall 2020:
1. Encinitas, CA: Surfhouse
2.   Canary Islands

Places to consider for Winter 2020:
1. Australia
2. Sri Lanka


What is the most important thing to plan ahead of time?

I prefer to bring my own board to places. I highly suggest shopping around for a flight with an airline that isn’t going to charge you an arm & a leg for board fees! It can get extremely pricey. Alaska Air is awesome.

 How many boards should you bring? 

In the past, I’ve brought both my longboard and fish on surf trips. But, traveling with a log is gnarly so I’d prefer just to travel with my fish… unless I’m going somewhere like Playa Saladita or any famous longboard waves. 

Where do you sleep - airbnb, campsite, or car?

I prefer to sleep in a comfortable Airbnb after a long day of surf, but for a long time, I slept in my car… if you have a van, you’re in business.
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