Meet Michi Pichel

When viewing Michi Pichel's art, you're transported into to a tropical dream. She hopes her artwork inspires you to find beauty in your surroundings while connecting with your passions and love of the ocean, no matter how near or far you are from your favorite break!

"I’m inspired by confident, powerful women who are not afraid to be themselves no matter their size, color or what society tells them a woman should look or behave like."






Michi lives in the Philippines with her partner and young son. The last year has been hard due to Covid. She had to shut down her website and stop selling her prints & abandon her plans for a full collection launch in 2020.

Her Waves mission is to support creative women in and out of the water & was determined to help Michi create & launch her collection.

We are excited to release Dream Swells, a collection by Michi Pichel exclusively sold at Her Waves

"With Her Waves, you really feel valued and respected; they are more than fair when it comes to paying, promoting, and asking their artists how they can help more. They try to develop a more personal relationship with their artists, and you feel part of the team." - Michi