Meet Artist Angela from The Anchored Rose

Tell us about yourself

So my name is Angela Rivera S...but you can call me Ang or Angie. The name Anchored Rose was inspired from being a bit of a troublemaker in my day and I became more anchored -centered and focused on my art when my little Gabriella Rose was born.

I'm an Orange County native, grew up/and currently settled roots with my husband, daughter and 2 crazy pups in Huntington Beach,CA. I've also lived in parts of San Diego and on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

With an educated background in fine arts, photography and graphic design, I'm very versatile with mediums and hands-on with my creations. Although I love hand painting pieces, my main weapons of choice would be a pencil and my computer. Loving, but not limited to, creating detailed illustrations and designs that are genuine and true to my off-beat, quirky, slightly darker aesthetic.

Aside from trying to run my own art business, I’m a manager and surf instructor for Caliblu Surf School in Huntington Beach.

Her Waves Anchored rose surf art

What inspires the art that you create?

My art is inspired by holding true to living the So. Ca lifestyle not necessarily just the surf culture. I'm an avid surfer that also loves skateboarding, Vintage Tiki, Comic/Cosplay, Tattoo Art, Punk rock music, Lowbrow and Kustom/Hot Rod Cultures. I also LOVE all things Halloween. I think there’s definitely a big influence from that. I literally start my costume and prop planning and making for Halloween around July!

Her Waves Angelea Riviera surf artistWhat is the biggest challenge you face as an artist/entrepreneur?

110% keeping up with the pace of grasping the attention of the general public on a regular basis. I feel like I need to be constantly creating something new, while also trying to be a supermom to my pre-teen daughter and being on top of my organization as well for the business. 

Her Waves Angela Rivera surf artist

What advice do you have for other artists looking 

Do your homework, narrow down your ideas to a consistent and more streamline path. Stay organized. I realize it's hard, as creatives to gain focus and want to use your super powers to take on every element and bounce around on a lot of different concepts because you can. Believe me, it has taken me years to figure out that less is more and to not spread yourself so thin. In a nutshell, put 110% into your top 2 or 3 ideas to start with, build on that, instead of putting 20% into 110 ideas. That will make your life very stressful and overwhelming.

Angela Rivera surf art her waves

When did you start surfing?

I’ve always been a beach girl, did a lot of bodyboarding when I was younger and into my teenage years but I started surfing when I was about 16/17 years old...which on that note, you might say I’ve been doing it for a while, considering my 20 year high school reunion is this year(2020)...gross! I wanted to be on the high school surf team so bad and the surf coach told me I had to get off the “sponge” and on a “real board” and then he would be happy to have me on the women’s team. I've never really had any real lessons or true coaching, just minor pointers along the way and where I was learning to surf was interesting. I had to learn how to surf HB pier. That was our “homefield” for our team, I guess you would call it. Not to mention I started surfing on a shortboard...We didn’t have youtube or even social media when I was learning how to surf. I couldn’t just watch a “how to” video. I went kind of backwards on the learning process and it took me about a year of having my ass handed to me left and right by mama ocean to finally somewhat get the hang of it. Surfed a handful of high school and local competitions, dabbled in NSSA for a hot minute, and then graduated with a surfing scholarship, 2000 Women's MVP and my varsity letter in surfing haha...yea that’s a real thing. Continued on with competitive surfing a little bit in college and then realized it wasn’t for me. These days I just love surfing for the fun of it and as my main outlet for decompression. 

Angela Rivera surfing her waves interview

Longboard or shortboard? 

Hmmm…??? Majority of the time I’m cruising around on my big boards, my single-finned 8-9 footers. I’m still learning how to walk the plank by the way, I haven't quite gotten my toes on the nose yet. I’ve always ridden my longboards aggressively like shortboards and just recently started to try to walk. Although, for shits and giggles when it is high tide at my local break (Bolsa Chica, CA), I loooove flinging around on my 5’ 10” fish. For my next board purchase, I’m actually looking to add a 5’4” fish to my quiver.

Dawn patrol or sunset surf?

Oh, another double-sided question...Well, I’m not a terribly huge fan of dawn patrol during winter around here, I’m an early riser in general, but being that cold is not fun for me haha. I think I definitely prefer the sunset sessions if I had better access to them. You can’t really get too many successful sunset sessions where I'm at, because the wind tears up the ocean after about 1pm for the most part. I don’t mind driving about an hour south to hit those sunset sessions though because of less wind...last summer I spent a lot of time adding those miles to my truck, driving to San Elijo for just a couple hour sunset sessions and then turning around to go home right after. 

Where is your favorite surf break (could be somewhere local to you or somewhere you surfed during a trip)? 

I love those longer rolling rides and would love to travel more to try new spots but for the time being, I’d say these are my top favorite spots:

  • Pipes at San Elijo State Beach
  • Old Man’s, San O
  • Shopping Carts...haha Inside Seal Beach Jetty
  • Lahaina Breakwall, Maui, HI
  • Ala Moana Bowls, Oahu, HI

Angela Rivera surf artist

Your favorite quote to live by?

Be Excellent to Each Other.

~ Bill & Ted, Wyld Stallyns

Hidden talent?

Baking, I hate cooking but I love baking

Current obsession?

Swimwear...I have 2 bulging dresser drawers of bathing suits, and I keep purchasing more!

Guilty pleasure?

I drink waaaaay too much coffee.

Favorite song lyric? or Favorite band/musician?

“And I'll keep listening to the great Joe Strummer 'Cause through music, we can live forever” - Tim Armstrong, Rancid

I would say my #1 band that I truly love is hands down; The Cramps. I have several of their shirts in my wardrobe, I’d say about 95% of all their albums and always looked forward to seeing them perform live on Halloween. My next band that would be really up there for me is Bad Religion. I’ve been to over 25 of their live performances in a span of close to 30 years, and it is the only band (for now) that is tattooed on me. Although Lux Interior (RIP) and Greg Graffin are up there for me on the top bands, my all time favorite musician is Joe Strummer (RIP) of the Clash.

Angela Rivera anchored rose surf art

Favorite artist?

I love the creative and dainty tattoo style that Angelique Houtkamp has. The detailed linework and movement of Jeral Tidwell’s work and the absolute playfulness and colorful work of Josh Agle aka SHAG. All of these artists have different styles, but also very inspiring and so fun to take in! 

Anything else you’d like to add: 

One of my biggest projects was winning the design contest for the Groundswell Community Project bus. Then within a month’s time, transforming my illustration to a reality in my driveway with the help of several of my surf club ladies, neighbors, family and friends. I wouldn't necessarily prep and paint a school bus by hand again haha, but that was such a fun community experience! 

Angela Rivera groundswell bus

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I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

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