Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays Her Waves Family! We hope that this year has been full of joy and healing for you all. Our mission here at Her Waves is and always has been to support female creatives in any way that we can, all while promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and justice. Therefore, we've created a gift guide featuring some awesome brands who's missions align with ours. Join us in supporting these lady bosses this holiday season!

1. Kateboards


If you live in the San Diego area and haven't been to a Kateboards meet-up, you're definitely missing out! Kateboards is a skate brand devoted to providing a safe space for female skateboarders through the creation of a solid community and quality products! The founder, Kate, is an amazing skater and all-around human who devotes her heart and soul into what she does! Kateboards also collaborates with female artists and shares our mission to support creatives. Shop skate decks/completes, stickers, hats, or print posters here.

2. Sesh Sun

Sesh Sun
Whether you are a surfer or a frequent beachgoer, Sesh Sun ponchos will absolutely change your beach trips for the better. Not only are their rad designs made by female creatives, but you are getting three items in one! Sesh Sun ponchos also serve as a beach blanket, and packs into a water resistant stuff sack! 

3.  The Sunset Shop

Sunset Shop

Looking for some photo prints to decorate your home? The Sunset Shop is an online print boutique run by talented photographer Kristen Brown, who captures the magic of the sea, skies, and land in Costa Rica, as well as other beautiful locations, through her lense. Shop her prints by collection here

4. Memberships — Changing Tides Foundation

Changing Tides Foundation is a female-run organization with the mission of empowering people to create change in the areas of environmental stewardship, social justice, and beyond. CTF has recently launched a new membership program. By becoming a member, not only are you sponsoring their mission, but you get some rad goodies and discount codes in return! Click here to read more on how to become a member!

5. Her Waves Artist Box

Artist Box

If you or someone you know has a favorite Her Waves artist, and you want to get more for less, our artist boxes will serve as the perfect gift! Each package includes two limited edition tees plus a print and a sticker pack. When you buy a Her Waves Artist Box, you are saving 30% altogether compared to the cost of each item separately.  Not to mention, you are supporting a female creative's work! Shop our current boxes here.

I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

Meg Jacovino