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Her Waves surfboard or car window sticker
Her Waves sticker on surfboard

Her Waves Surfboard/Window Sticker | Free Shipping

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Get a sticker for your surfboard or car window and join the Her Waves Surf Club. *FREE SHIPPING on all stickers and patches*

How to apply:

To apply a transfer sticker, remove it from the paper backing by peeling away the transfer tape. Position the sticky side to your desired surface. Once your sticker is positioned correctly you can press the transfer tape onto a surface to adhere it. Next use a wax comb or credit card to apply pressure to the entire design to make sure it's fully adhered. Finally, slowly peel the transfer tape away at a 180 degree angle to leave the sticker adhered.

If your design is especially delicate, let it sit for 24 hours before removing the transfer tape. This gives your sticker time to adhere more strongly to the surface and makes it easier to remove the tape while leaving the design intact.