Meet Resin Artist Grace Bell

We recently caught up with Resin Artist Grace Bell to chat about her incredible art and how she works her magic with resin to create dreamy ocean inspired pieces!

Hey Grace - Tell us a little about yourself...

Hey! I’m 19 living in the crystal coast of North Carolina. I was born and raised in Morehead City, a little beach town. I started my acrylic and resin art journey two years ago. 

Your resin work is amazing. Tell us what first drew you to work with this medium?

I was trying to make my dad a Christmas present and since he taught me how to surf I really wanted to paint him a wave for Christmas! I have done photography ever since I can remember and was striving to create an Ariel view of the ocean, like my drone sees! 

Resin artist grace bell - ocean inspired resin artwork

What's your favorite thing about working with resin?
My favorite thing is how smooth it is. It’s a visual and tactile art.

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?
I find my artistic inspiration in so many places but primarily the ocean :) Ever since I can remember I’ve been in the ocean. I love it so much it’s ridiculous and I’m just attempting to recreate its natural draw and beauty. 

How has your art evolved over the past couple of years?
I started working with resin two years ago on my bedroom floor and it did not look good!!! I kept at it and now two years later, I have a 10x20 workspace and have developed my technique. I ruined my carpet on my bedroom floor but it was worth it. 

What's the biggest artistic challenge you face?
My main artist challenge would probably be accepting mistakes as part of the piece. I used to have a really hard time if the piece I was working on didn’t turn out how I envisioned it...I would say I have definitely gotten better about that over the years but it’s still just a part of my personality that I struggle with. 

Where's your favorite place to surf?
There’s a private club on the beach called The Dunes Club. When I was learning to surf my dad would take me to the Oceanana Pier, which is just West of the Dunes Club. The surf was way better on the Dunes Club side. Fortunately, past the high tide line the waves belong to everyone :) I also love to go to Fort Macon!

Ocean inspired resin artwork by Grace Bell

Quickfire questions.....

Longboard or shortboard?


Hidden Talent?

I play guitar ( not a lot of people know)

One thing on your Christmas list?

More Her Waves merch

Your favorite movie?

Peanut butter falcon

A place on your travel bucket list?

Fiji !!

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I’m inspired by the water, the sun, the moon, and the stars. My countless wipeouts, my dreams of noseriding, and the feeling I get when sliding across the face of a wave.

Meg Jacovino